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In these blog articles I try to give some explanation and background information about difficult topics like ICT use within organizations, business analysis and data analysis. The big picture is how people can benefit or be disadvantaged by ICT and organisations. The interaction between men, society and ICT is a special interest that reoccurs in my blog articles.

In no way is this blog intended to represent an opinion or vision of clients, partners or possible employers.

Introduction of the Ultrademocracy

You do hear people saying democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms of government. Is this a recommendation? It does not sound like it. Why would we leave it like that? Why not try and improve democracy?

The current democratic system

In our democratic system we are allowed to vote on a representative of a political party every 4 or 5 years. That political party has a number of party political items that often can be taken as (vague) goals. The elected representative must largely follow the party discipline, which means (s)he must vote as the party wants. The elected representative will try to influence the party political discipline.

The elected parties will jointly determine which topics will be discussed, which goals will be pursued and the manner in which these goals will be achieved. They will probably do that in cooperation with the government. The expected effects are generally determined by civil servants from departments and government bureaus and agencies.

So a citizens influence is very limited. (S)he can try to influence directly by lobbying or indirectly using publicity. These forms of influencing are hardly transparent.


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