Established 2005

Better ICT, better business processes

Abits B.V. has

  1. Over 15 year experience with IT in large and complex organizations
  2. A broad outlook on the world of organizations and IT
  3. No cure, no pay!

Abits looks for bottlenecks in the execution of business processes. For this we use stakeholder, goal and data analysis in order to advise on improvments to be made. Data quality can be an important element in the improvement of business process support. Improvement in the support of business processes can reduce the number of complaints of customers and employees.

Abits delivers the following services

  • clarifying relevant requirements for the business processes;
  • identifying the problems in the support of the business processes by the current IT-systems;
  • translating requirements to change proposals for complex ICT systems;
  • write management reports, business cases and the like for the justification of change proposals; and
  • coordinate the different activities.